Creativity lifted by data, flowing across media.

Creativity lifted by data, flowing across media.

We analyze, strategize, create, connect and measure (a win), we are focused on the results.

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Your brand is your business.

Your brand is your business.

Have a clear purpose, a distinct position and a unique identity. Strong brands outperform weak brands. Be strong.

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Creative digital App, Web development

We are a creative digital agency, that builds beautiful brands through creative thinking, research, analysis and cooperation with you. We levitate above both worlds, online and offline and choose the right mix for your business. Doing only SEM campaigns in these days means nothing. Strategic thinking is a must.

Branding & Identity
Brand & Bussines strategy

We help companies achieve better results by developing assets that are innovative. Our activities are aligned with their brand strategy.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Creative and high-quality content helps our clients’ brands get an unfair share of attention. Build relationships.

Search Engine Optimisation
Performance online marketing

Our love for performance marketing is huge. PPC, SEO, RTB, emailing, price comparison websites, you name it. The newest technologies and automation.

Website Design
Media & Public relations

Achieving your goals through integrated campaigning. Delivering your message to the media. Radio, newspapers and online.

Website Development

We tell the story of your brand, product or business through events. We always go for a unique solution that fits your needs.

Ecommerce Integration

Print, billboards, rolling boards, citylights, non-traditional spaces and guerilla marketing.


Let’s levitate above your competition. Get in touch with us and tell us about your project.